we try harder


The Avis "We Try Harder" campaign is one of the most creative, respected and longest lasting in the annals of advertising. In 1962, Avis hired Doyle Dane and Bernbach to turn business around. Bill Bernbach recommended that the car rental company overhaul customer service and upgrade its product. "It's always a mistake," Bernbach told Avis management, "to make good advertising for a bad product."

Avis listened. Management spent three months traveling and talking to every employee, asking a single question: "Why does anybody ever rent a car from you?" The response was overwhelming, and the reply made advertising history: "We try harder because we have to."

This isn't just a case about the power of advertising. It's a stellar example of how an advertising agency works effectively with a client to build a brand. It is Elemental Thinking. And here at Schraff, that is what inspires us.