orange lemon

To continue our juxtaposition of famous and lauded advertising with drivel, we present yet another incredibly annoying radio and television campaign that is simply unforgettable. This means, of course, that it is also incredibly successful, because you can't get the jingle out of your head. Actually, the harder you try the longer it stays there. And while it may be obnoxious, it is brilliant strategy. Whether your marketing is smart and elegant, or just plain nauseating and invidious, the goal is to make the brand endure in the consumer's mind.

Case in point for the latter: Toyota of Orange. There is no person in California who does not know this cheesy musical jingle.

"Well you won't get a lemon (‘I wouldn't a got a lemon?') from Toyota of Orange."

And the success of this sugary, cornball jingle has been phenomenal. Which, makes it brilliant. It creates top-of-mind awareness, unforgettable branding, gets people to visit the dealership and, ultimately, sells cars. Lots of ‘em. What else do you want from your marketing campaign.